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About Our Store

We feel that the brick-and-mortar store is so important.  This gives the opportunity for interaction with not only our product but with other people.  Our space is a sanctuary and promotes self-care and community. 

About our Candles

Candles represent the center of Self-Care at Brimstone.  We use all natural waxes to produce our candles.  Our container candles are made of a soy/palm wax, pillars are made with 100% palm wax, and we incorporate bee's wax, apricot wax, and coconut wax into the mix as well.  Each wax serves a purpose and give you a clean burn.  Each candle is produced in a small batch process.  

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Gifts and More...

 We offer a variety of journals, books, tea, confections and more.


Bath & Body

Our bath and body products are from other companies like our own.  Small, artesian companies, mostly women owned and in some cases veteran owned.  We carry products from Simplified Soaps, Potager, Hemlock Park, Naked Bee, and more.

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